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"Wow - this team is A+ AMAZING! I've never seen such fantastic service and top notch professionalism mixed with personal attention in my life! Their work ethic is top notch and attention to detail is terrific but their ability to explain all the complex stuff they installed to ME (who barely understands anything technical) is what is truly amazing. I would HIGHLY recommend DJ and his team for all your tech needs."

"Teklite is straight up unbelievable! The tech knowledge, the price, the heart that they do everything with - the best you'll find! They have provided an incredible sound, lighting and streaming set up for us. Their tech support is unparalleled - especially due to the fact that they can be so hands on because they are local! Thank you DJ and team!

We are so blessed by you guys!"

Tammy Lanham
Technical Pastor
At Glen Cove Christian Church

Doug Jansson
Lead Pastor
At Living Word Church