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about us

Founded in 2018 by D.J. Serrecchia and John Cicale, they had one vision in mind;

to create a distraction free worship experience for you and your congregation.

We are driven by desire to, not only be the best in the industry, but to provide your church with the absolute best worship atmosphere. We accomplish this through audio and visual excellence.  Teklite is not just a company that flips switches on and off. We see the true worship that's given to God through our art. When the AV production is done well,

it helps your congregantion focus on God as they're worshipping.

These tactics and methods are more than just a light switch and a sound board.

They're tools in bringing God our absolute focused worship.


 We can promise you that in addition to our exceptional technical services, that we provide the absolute best customer service. We will work with you and your team to customize your perfect worship atmosphere appropriate for you and church.

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Meet the team

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David-John (D.J.) Serrecchia

Founder // V.P. of Technology; AVL Engineer Lead 

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John R. Cicale 

President; V.P. of Sales

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Scott Cicale

Prev. General Manager; Purchasing Agent

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Deborah Serrecchia

General Manager

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Victoria Serrecchia

Secretary; Director of Events

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Dylan Linsalata

Lead AVL Technician

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Christian Serrecchia

AVL Technician & Music Director/Trainer

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Raymond Crane

AVL Technician 

DistrictMember x DJ&TORI-543.jpg

Christopher Crane

AVL Technician