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Our Company Policies

As Teklite Associates, Our Mission States That

We are driven by desire to, not only be the best in the industry, but to provide your church with the absolute best worship atmosphere. With Excellence. We accomplish this through audio and visual excellence.  Teklite is not just a company that flips switches on and off. We see the true worship that's given to God through our art.

When the AV production is done well,

it helps your congregation focus on God as they're worshipping.

These tactics and methods are more than just a light switch and a sound board.

They're tools in bringing God our absolute focused worship.


TAI is authorized to collect sales tax in the state of New York.

Any sales tax due that results from work in any other state is the responsibility of the Buyer.

The Buyer must provide TAI with a valid tax-exempt form or resale certificate in order to avoid paying sales tax. If the Buyer does not provide a valid tax-exempt form or resale certificate, TAI will bill the buyer for the appropriate sales tax. The buyer agrees to pay said sales tax.


Equipment is guaranteed to be free from defect in workmanship and materials for a period of 6 months after the date of installation. During this period, TAI will repair and/or replace any defective part at no charge to the Buyer for materials or labor. All work is to be performed during regular business hours, as limited by conditions beyond our control such as lightening strikes, third-party shipping damage, Acts of God, etc.

An optional Service Contract can be obtained to extend coverage on a yearly basis.

Guarantee Exclusions are as follows:

>Moves, additions or changes to equipment, or software.

>Damage, vandalism, misuse or abuse of equipment by non-TAI Authorized personnel.

>Problems resulting from un-authorized alteration equipment, cabling, and software by non-TAI personnel.

>Flat Panel Monitors will be guaranteed solely by the manufacturer’s hardware warranty.

>Projector Bulbs are not guaranteed.

>Damages from Acts of God, such as flooding, power surges, etc.


>All prices are valid for 10 days from date of response for quotation.

>All work is to be performed during regular working hours (8 AM - 6 PM), unless otherwise noted.

>All work to be performed in an environment free from hazardous and/or regulated materials (e.g. asbestos).

>Patching and painting, except for repairs due to breakage, are not included.

>Replacement of permanently installed ceiling tile (if concealed spline) is not included.

>Removal of debris from premises (haulage) is not included

>Fire stopping, unless otherwise noted, is not included.

>Hoisting charges are not included.

>If required, stub ups, conduit and coring are to be provided by customer.

>Unless otherwise noted herein, entire project to be performed in a continuous, uninterrupted manner.

>Where installation by TAI is required under the terms of this contract, the apparatus and equipment covered by this contract shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner; wires shall be run in the most economical way.

>TAI retains the right to make equivalent equipment substitutions based on availability and engineering considerations. Any substitutions will be subject to customer approval before substitution.

>If this contract calls for a flat panel display to be relocated the flat panel will not be guaranteed. TAI will not pay for the cost of the repair or replacement of any damage done to a customer furnished flat panel display.