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Frequently Asked Questions

LIGhting Support***

  • How Do I Turn On The Computer?
    A: There is a White Smart Relay Block In The Rack Where The Computer is located. On The Left Hand Side Of It, is a Colored Button, Press that and you will hear a "Click". You will see the Computer Glow Red then Blue. Blue Will Indicate the Computer Is On.


  • The Computer Is On, But Nothing Is Showing on One (or Both).
    A: If this is the case, simply press on the blue power button and wait for it to turn off (it will turn red), then press again to reboot the computer.


  • The LED Wall is not on, I hit GO and am in Cue 1,  what do do?
    A: Click the Button On The "Start" Page. That says "LED Relay Reboot".


  • The LED Wall is glitching (Pixeling). 
    A: If this is a severe distraction to you, or anyone else, please hit on the "Start" Page, "LED Wall Off" and report it to your area leader, and email
    help.teklite@gmail.com , Talk with your area leader to deem if it is a distraction or not, problems may arise based on intensities or effects being ran


  • Lights are flashing, changing color, what did I do?

  • A: Hit the Stop Effect Button (Looks Like a Stop Sign).

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